Sectionals With Style

For decades now, sectional seating and family-rooms have gone hand and hand. In the 1970’s, overstuffed monstrosities plunked down in front of television sets were a staple in lower level ”playrooms” from coast to coast. At some point in the early 1990’s, Americans collectively shifted to a more casual use of the previously designated “formal living room” and comfortable seating was promoted, finding it’s place on the main floor. By the end of the decade, with interest rates hovering around 5 percent, the family room addition became the home owners upgrade of choice, second only to kitchens and baths. Again, Americans sought out in search of great looking pieces with exceptional comfort for their gathering rooms. At that time, American Leather was among a handful of fashion forward furniture manufacturers that was ready with a new generation of frame styles. These sleeker models were perfect for busy great rooms, covered in durable and spill friendly leather or Ultrasuede®. Many styles included chaise or angled seat components, offering fresh options and sophisticated arrangements.

This spring American Leather once again positions itself as an industry leader with their introduction of the “Zen” frame.

The grouping offers plush seating, fantastic support and a beautiful sweeping profile, making it a showstopper when positioned to float within a space. Both this years “Zen” and the “Valero”, released in 2007 and designed by industry visionary Vladimir Kagan, are available in sectional configurations. These pieces offer the perfect combination of high style, amazing comfort and quality construction. You can even feel good about supporting our national economy since American Leather still makes their furniture right here in the good old U.S.A. Check out the complete line at

Velero by Vladimir Kagan

Contributed by Christine Cellucci

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  • Sean

    the velero is my favorite sectional at the moment. however my all time favorite is the Menlo by AL, it is so awesome, that i swear i am going to have it, no matter where i live! i will go without a bed and dining area if i end up in a studio, or wind it through the rooms of a tiny apartment in back bay…

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