Pick of the Week: For Your Eyes Only

Just because your bedroom isn’t a common area, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it a special place. The space you sleep and wake up in should be calming and special. You should want to stay leisurely in bed on a Sunday morning because it’s just as welcoming at your family room. The furniture, colors, textures and ambiance should be meaningful to you. Evocative of your favorite place thanks to that image over the dresser or the scented candle on your bedside table. Whether you want something modern and natural like the first bedroom or something more playful like this one:Create a space that will inspire you to start your day off right and end it peacefully.

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Erica is a fourth generation family member at Circle Furniture. She loves bold colors, natural wood grains, and the individuality Circle Furniture allows their clients to explore in their homes. Outside of work she wrangles dogs, kids, and loves the snow!