Warming the Oven . . .

Design Inspiration
I know, we have not even hit Halloween yet, how can you start talking about Thanksgiving? The answer to that is easy, its my favorite holiday and its never too early to start planning the perfect meal. Its not just about the food, but the setting is important too! Having guests at your house this year? Its time to start thinking about a dining room table fit for you, your ever growing family and mother earth. Wood Top Care and Cleaning Information: No matter how tough these tables are, they are made from wood, and any table made from wood can be scratched or burned or dented. When in use, we recommend using trivets, placemats, and tablecloths to protect the top from plates, hot pans, dishes, etc. Darker finishes will…
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Celebrating Sixty!

So today marks a momentous occasion, Harold turns 60! Firstly, let me say a big happy birthday to one of the brothers behind this little family gig we call Circle Furniture. The Queen Bee supplied the steak tips and chicken, and Moise and Ralph manned the grill while managing the warehouse, these are men of many talents. This day in history, September 25th, also marks the writing of the Bill of Rights, groundbreaking on our very own Fenway Park, Chubby Checkers' "Twist" topped the charts (I believe Harold was old enough to partake in this one . . .) and Sandra Day O'Connor was sworn in as our first female supreme court justice. Harold himself has been making his own little dent in history as an active member of numerous…
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Hey where have you been?

Community and Boston
Celebrating!! What a summer of celebration it has been! Congrats to two Tubman's kicking the big C word to the curb so that the family can get back to focusing on the important things, sailing and furniture. A big applause this weekend to Sean D, as he took his first steps to becoming a key organizer for the Ally Regatta in Boston. Despite weather threats, the race went well and the fund raising for the Ally Foundation was a great success. Team Tubman let the Queen Bee aboard Charisma and finished the race with out personal property damage or bodily harm, A.K.A success! Other things we are proud of this summer: Cindy Hale! Another "c" survivor pedaling her way to the finish of the pan mass challenge. Congrats to her…
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Well you talk Green, but how do I do Green?

Designers, Events and Fundraisers, Green Design
The interest in Green Design has peeked from the current buzz at this year's furniture market and past events like Down2Earth so why not come in for an informal chat about these new trends? I can blog all day long about how great they are but maybe you would like a panel of experts accompanied by a fine wine? Green With Envy will be taking place at our Alewife store next week, Thursday April 24th from 6-9. Circle has partnered up with a few great local organizations to host a free event which will include expert speakers, wine, light far, gift bags and a raffle with great prizes! Gail Ravgiala from Design New England will speak to the latest trends and Interior Designer Martha Wells will talk about new lines…
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Hip to Be Square is so 1986

Green Design
This is 2008! Get with the times, get with Circle! Down2Earth was a smashing success. Tons of people passing through, many of which had furniture from Circle in their homes. BUT not everyone knew about our dedication to staying SUSTAINABLE: business wise we keep it in the family, and GREEN: furniture wise we keep it in New England, check out the article from NHFA on the last post for details. One of the biggest hits at the event was our, customized exclusively for Circle, FLOR display. What is FLOR you ask? FLOR makes do it yourself rug tiles made of recycled materials. FLOR tiles can be seen displayed in out store and our designers can help match your rug design to the room or vice versa. Come in now for…
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NHFA Comes Full Circle

Nationa Home Furnishing Association wants the dish on the Green trends, so where do they turn? Why Circle of course! Our own Queen Bee and Sarah Cooney share their knowledge, a href="http://nhfa-retailer.epubxpress.com/link/hfrm/2008/mar/1"check it out/a.
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Events and Fundraisers, Green Design
Circle Furniture  WILL BE AT DOWN:2:EARTH (D2E) AN EXPLORATION INTO SUSTAINABLE LIVING MARCH 28-30, 2008 AT HYNES CONVENTION CENTER, BOSTON  Circle Furniture will be at D2E (Down:2:Earth), a sustainable lifestyle event being held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, March 28-30, 2008. D2E is an exploration into the movement that seeks answers on how to tread more lightly on the earth. It is an exposition of companies who are responding to consumer wishes for products that combine sustainability with style and innovation, as well as an education forum for learning about a greener lifestyle. More at www.d2eboston.com. A healthy home starts with a healthy environment. That's why at Circle Furniture we look for manufacturers that share our commitment to the environment. The woods used to make our wood products come from forests that are managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.…
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