Hip to Be Square is so 1986

This is 2008! Get with the times, get with Circle! Down2Earth was a smashing success. Tons of people passing through, many of which had furniture from Circle in their homes. BUT not everyone knew about our dedication to staying SUSTAINABLE: business wise we keep it in the family, and GREEN: furniture wise we keep it in New England, check out the article from NHFA on the last post for details. One of the biggest hits at the event was our, customized exclusively for Circle, FLOR display. What is FLOR you ask? FLOR makes do it yourself rug tiles made of recycled materials. FLOR tiles can be seen displayed in out store and our designers can help match your rug design to the room or vice versa. Come in now for our special, FREE shipping now through earth day. For more information on this amazing product, in case you missed the fun at Down2Earth check out the FLOR website. Stay tuned for more on rugs, they really tie the room together.

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Erica is a fourth generation family member at Circle Furniture. She loves bold colors, natural wood grains, and the individuality Circle Furniture allows their clients to explore in their homes. Outside of work she wrangles dogs, kids, and loves the snow!