Colorful Ideas: Create Contrast

For our second installment of Colorful Ideas, we’re going to let you in on a big secret: Using Contrasting Colors is Pure Genius! 

Take a look at this bedroom- how great is that  bed? This is a spectacular color combination! It’s fun and original. Plus, it can be achieved through the pieces you use alone. Great for all you apartment dwellers who can’t paint the walls.

This image from House Beautiful captures how using contrasting colors can bring the design of a room to a new level. It also highlights how it only takes one piece to make that look happen.

Dear reader, if you have a red bedroom and want to make it a little more snazzy; seriously consider this amazing armoire.  It would create the same awe-inspiring look of the purple dining room above. Once you do, send us pictures!!!

You don’t have to use bright colors to create a contrasting color scheme. This image, also from House Beautiful, shows the same concept with more muted tones but equally powerful.

You can get the look by adding a colorful couch to a room that might be painted in a pale shade of the yellow, orange or red. Using neutral pieces in the rest of the room, it won’t be overwhelming. But, it will create an undeniably chic setting.Have fun and play with color! Maybe you need to paint an accent wall to make that accent chair pop. Or, maybe all you need is a dandelion cubbie case in that blue home office of yours to get inspired. Be daring!!!

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Erica is a fourth generation family member at Circle Furniture. She loves bold colors, natural wood grains, and the individuality Circle Furniture allows their clients to explore in their homes. Outside of work she wrangles dogs, kids, and loves the snow!