Characteristics of Natural Wood

As a provider of beautifully crafted solid wood furniture we often get asked, “what type of wood is used to make your tables, chairs, dressers, etc.?” We have carefully selected wood shops to partner with that not only build beautiful long lasting wood furniture but also source it locally from sustainable forests. Here are some of the wood species we use and their characteristics:




  • Maple sapwood is creamy white with a slight reddish brown tinge.
  • Maple heartwood varies from light to dark reddish brown.
  • Wood has a close, fine texture and is generally straight grained but it can also feature fiddle-back, tiger, burl and birds-eye figuring.
  • Maple is a heavy wood.




  • Sapwood is creamy white.
  • Heartwood is red to reddish brown.
  • When first delivered cherry will appear quite light, almost like birch or maple, but will oxidize and darken with exposure to light and over time.
  • It has a straight grain and smooth texture.
  • Accepts stains beautifully.




  • Sapwood is creamy white.
  • Heartwood varies from light brown to dark chocolate brown with subtle golden undertones. It can have a gray-ish or driftwood-like color.
  • Grain can be either uniform or highly figured.




  • Sapwood can be very wide and can be beige to nearly white.
  • Heartwood varies from grayish brown to light brown to pale yellow streaked with brown.
  • Ash is a member of the olive family.
  • Typically has a straight grain and a coarse uniform texture. The grain is pronounced with open pores.
  • Accepts stain well.

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