Queen Bee Strikes Again

While our own Queen Bee has flown off to Australia in search of all things "outback", her drones (ok, me) have received the good word that she has been asked to sit on yet another panel for sustainability. "The American Home Furnishings Alliance will hold its second annual Sustainability Summit which provides marketing intelligence for companies developing eco-friendly home furnishings. The AHFA is assembling a panel of retailers for "Bridging the Gap: Communicating Green at Retail." Among the participants will be Andy Thornton (our great friend!) of LaDifferénce in Richmond, Va., and Peggy Burns ofCircle Furniture in Boston." Ok, so we are pretty proud to offer eco-friendly furniture and fabrics but how does this translate to the consumer? In SO MANY WAYS!!! Not only can you feel good about buying furniture that was made locally and sustainably but…
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