The Real Design Star

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A couple of years ago I worked on a Design Home in Cohasset. Circle Furniture was designing the master bedroom, living room and dining room, using furniture designed by Candice Olson. The project was labor intensive, but boy did we have fun. Why, you ask? Candice. We are lucky enough to sell a line of furniture designed by Candice Olson. If you're a fan of HGTV I'm not telling you anything you don't already know - Candice rocks! She has a show on HGTV called a Divine Design. Her furniture lines are inspiring and eclectic; a perfect fit for Circle. She also happens to be a really nice, down-to-earth person. And tall. And super funny. The best part of the story is...drum roll please... she actually came to the opening…
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Small Space? No Problem.

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I love my apartment. Honestly, since the first day I laid eyes on it. I live in an awesome part of Boston, close to amazing restaurants - shout out to Zon's, Ten Tables and my new fav down the road, Sophia's Grotto. Mmmmm. Anyway...although I love my place, it has, what I used to call a downfall...It's really, really small. Like so tiny, I even have a "baby" stove, as my nephew calls it. When I first moved in this presented a problem...where to put all my furniture I've collected over the years? I've tried all different layouts, never really feeling like I had found the golden ticket....or golden floor plan, as it were. This past April I had a revelation. I was sitting at a breakfast in High Point,…
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And durable? and good for the environment? Am I going crazy?!?! Once again, I would like to boast about our FLOR product. These eco friendly carpet "tiles" are not only good looking, but incredibly durable. One of our Senior Design consultants, Christine Cellucci (check out her very own blog, The Creative Jig) just installed some in her kitchen and gives us the dish. Convinced? Good, because right now we are offering FREE shipping on these products! Also, don't forget about the JAZZY GRAND OPENING OF PEMBROKE tomorrow!
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Well you talk Green, but how do I do Green?

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The interest in Green Design has peeked from the current buzz at this year's furniture market and past events like Down2Earth so why not come in for an informal chat about these new trends? I can blog all day long about how great they are but maybe you would like a panel of experts accompanied by a fine wine? Green With Envy will be taking place at our Alewife store next week, Thursday April 24th from 6-9. Circle has partnered up with a few great local organizations to host a free event which will include expert speakers, wine, light far, gift bags and a raffle with great prizes! Gail Ravgiala from Design New England will speak to the latest trends and Interior Designer Martha Wells will talk about new lines…
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Well Deserved Recognition to One of Our Own!

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Kate Springfield 10/30/2007  New England School of Art amp; Design graduate student Kate Springfield won a $2,000 scholarship in the Second Annual Montage/Arclinea Contemporary Design Scholarship Competition. The Design Scholarship Competition was established to encourage architecture and design students in New England to find innovative ways of incorporating contemporary design within the region’s traditional architecture. “It has definitely boosted my confidence, and it is something nice to have in your back pocket when it comes time to look for a job next year,” said Springfield, who finished in third place. Springfield is scheduled to graduate from the Master of Arts in Interior Design program in May 2008. She entered the competition along with several classmates, spending about two months to complete her project. “We all got to see each other’s…
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