Creating a Calm, Peaceful Environment in Your Home

Creating a calm and peaceful environment in your home is incredibly important. Brian Bechard, our Visual Merchandiser, explains, “There are so many stresses in life. Your home should be the one place you can turn to as a sanctuary and a safe haven.”

Because ‘calm’ means something different to everyone, there are no steadfast rules here. It all comes down to personal preference. We’re here to be your guide to all things calm so you can feel relaxed in your home.

calm, peaceful, monochromatic, minimalist, minimalistic, interior design

Consider the calm

The first place to start is to consider what calm means to you. What colors are soothing to you? How does your environment currently affect your mood?

Brian says, “The bottom line to creating a space that feels calming and relaxing is surrounding yourself with things that you love and that are meaningful to you.” This might be accessories, evocative artwork, or pictures and souvenirs of happy times. On the other hand, you may prefer a monochromatic, minimalistic approach.

You also want to consider comfort. A big part of feeling calm and relaxed in your space is feeling comfortable. So look for frames that sit well and fabrics that feel soft to the touch.

When it comes to color, blues tend to be soothing whereas bright, loud colors are more energizing. Consider the rooms in your home that you want to be more energized as opposed to the ones that you want to instill a sense of peace.

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It’s also important to consider the focal point of the room. This will not only define the space but it can also impart a sense of calm if the focal point is a beautiful view, a fireplace, or a piece or artwork.

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calm, peaceful, monochromatic, minimalist, minimalistic, interior design

Keep out clutter

Everyone has a different way of approaching life and of filling their homes with belongings. Universally though, it stands to reason that excess clutter is never good for the mind.

If you don’t believe us, just ask Marie Condo. Her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” provides you with effective tactics to reduce clutter and lead an organized, stress-free life.

The idea is simply to clear out your home of superfluous accessories, belongings, and clothing that doesn’t fit you. To summarize, she asks you to pick up every item you own and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If it doesn’t, donate it if you can or throw it away.

You may not opt to have a clear-out in this much detail, but it’s important to take the time to consider what it is about your home that stresses you out and what calms you and brings you joy. Brian advises, “Eliminate anything you don’t use on a daily basis, accessories that don’t mean anything to you, books or magazines you won’t read again, the artwork you no longer love.”

Brian makes the point that especially the entryway of your home “should always be clutter-free.” The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed as soon as you walk in the door. “It sets the tone for the rest of the house,” he describes.

If you have kids, and therefore toys, find storage that allow you to store the “clutter” out of sight. Simple solutions like a storage ottoman or credenza can solve this problem.

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calm, peaceful, monochromatic, minimalist, minimalistic, interior design

What to add to your home

Once you’ve cleared out and identified the stress points in your home, you can begin to add in soothing and peace-inducing elements. You may be surprised that the simplest additions to your home can make the biggest difference in creating a calming feeling.

Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Natural elements like crystals, flowers, and botanical prints. Nature brings a sense of calm to many people, and these are simple ways of bringing the outside in.
  • Plants are another way of bringing the outdoors in. They’re a natural air filter and purifier and they have a calming effect on your space.
  • Candles and ambient lighting, like fairy lights, create a soothing, spa-like environment. They also add warmth and coziness in the cooler months.
  • Consider investing in an essential oil diffuser or another form of aromatherapy. Diffusing essential oils is a simple and cost-efficient way of instantly turning your space into a spa. Lavender, chamomile, and lemongrass have a calmative effect.
  • Introduce items that bring a smile to your face! It could be a print, a piece of artwork, or a souvenir from traveling. Feeling peaceful is personal and you want to bring in items that make you feel good.

Brian encourages you to “Consider all of the senses, sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. It can be as simple as playing calming music when you get home from work.”

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calm, peaceful, monochromatic, minimalist, minimalistic, interior design

Talk to a designer

It’s essential to enjoy the environment in your home. And fortunately, you might find that once you begin, you will really enjoy the process of clearing out and creating a calming environment in your home.

Start by eliminating items that don’t serve you, clearing out your home, and organizing it in a way that works for you. Next, bring in accessories, plants, natural elements, and items that bring you a sense of peace and joy.

Don’t forget to consider comfort in your furniture as well. Our designers can help you create a functional floor plan and bring in items that will make your life at home a little more peaceful. Get to know our designers and come into a showroom near you to get started.

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