5 Things to Know Before a Home Renovation

Home renovations are an exciting chance to customize your living space and build your dream home. They also require a lot of time and money and can easily become stressful.

We met up with Megan Lynch, a Circle Furniture customer, who recently renovated her beautiful home in Concord, Massachusetts. She gave us some insights into the process and highlighted the things you should know before you start a home renovation.

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Be realistic about your budget and your timeline

Megan explains, “You have to be realistic about the process; the time it’s going to take as well the money. The first, and probably the most obvious point is that you have to be cognizant of your budget.  When it comes to the budget.” She states, “Double your budget. Whatever you think it’s going to be, it could potentially be 50% overIt’s so cliché but it’s true.”

When it comes to the timeline, “You should consider not only the timeline of construction but also the time you’re investing.  I was at the house everyday checking in, making small adjustments with our contractor and architect, and completing the walk-through with the plumbers and electricians; it all took a lot of time.

home renovation, construction, contractor, architect, concord, massachusetts, circle furniture

Have a clear vision of what you want

One of the most important things you should do before a home renovation is to plan out exactly what you want. Megan explains, “Be prepared for the choices. There are a billion decisions you have to make and there’s definitely decision fatigue that kicks in.”

By having a really good vision of what you want ahead of time, you’re able to plan ahead. She says, “Otherwise, you’re making last-minute decisions on items that aren’t necessarily easy to change. For example, if you haven’t thought about the style of baseboards ahead of time it’s not an easy change versus swapping out a light fixture.

She also recommends having all of your plumbing decisions made very early on in the process, before they break ground. She says, “Have a clear idea of what you want because if you want special finishes there might be an 8 week lead time, or sometimes even longer. Plumbing happens very early on and it can hold up the process if you don’t plan early.”

home renovation, construction, contractor, architect, concord, massachusetts, circle furniture

Go with your gut

Ultimately, renovating your home is about creating a space that you’ve always dreamed of. It may not turn out exactly as you’d imagined it, but if you go with your gut and trust your intuition, you’ll be happy with the final result.

Megan says, “Go with what you love. If you’re constantly coming back to a particular style or fixture on Instagram or Pinterest that you love—go for it and don’t get caught up in trends. You’ll always regret not picking what you love.” Following your gut can also mean avoiding potential mistakes down the line.  

She explains, “In our master bathroom I wanted white hexagon marble on the floor and I knew if I chose white grout it would get dirty but I still went with white grout.  And I was right, we’ve only been living here a few months and it’s already a mess.”

home renovation, construction, contractor, architect, concord, massachusetts, circle furniture

Find a contractor you trust

Having a clear vision of what you want also comes with a trusted relationship with your contractor, architect, and interior designer. “We found Bob Hudson and Laurie Crockett through word of mouth.  They had done a bunch of houses in a neighborhood of Concord that we love. They were super responsive and always called or met us when they said they would which is very indicative of how people function. It was also important for us to work with a team that knew how to deal with an older house.”

We know how important it is to find trusted contractors who you can build a strong relationship with. We’ve compiled a list of local architects and contractors that we love:

home renovation, construction, contractor, architect, concord, massachusetts, circle furniture


Megan sums the process of home renovations by saying, “Plan, plan, plan. And be kind to yourself and your partner because it can be really stressful. But the outcome is well worth the stress and the wait.”

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